Day 1 (Mike/Rich): Gridley-East Gridley Hwy-Larkin Rd-162-70-89-147-A21-44-Redding . ~228 Miles.

Day 2 (Mike/Rich): Redding-I5-97-Klamath Falls-97-62-Crater Lake-62-97-Klamath Falls. ~278 Miles.

Day 3 (Mike): Klamath Falls-97-Smith Rock Wy-97-293-97-Maryhill Hwy-84-The Dalles. ~300 Miles.

Day 3 (Grumbler/Jack): Boise-84-20-26-19-206-97-84-The Dalles. ~380 Miles.

Day 4 (Grumbler/Jack/Mike): The Dalles-30-84-35-26-NF42-NF57-NF42-NF46-22-NF11-20-126-Redmond. ~330 Miles.

Day 5: (Grumbler/Jack): Redmond-126-380-NF63-395-26-Lyte Blvd-Enterprise-Ave-201-20-84-Boise. ~350 Miles.

Day 5: (Mike): Redmond-97-46-61-58-97-138-230-992-321-140-533-603-97-161-139-Lava Beds. ~311 Miles.

Day 5: (Mike): Lava Beds-NF10-97-I5-89-36-99-162-Gridley. ~265 Miles.

Grumbler, Jack, Mike Plant & Rich.



Day 1 (Grumbler/Kurt): Boise-84E-55W-95S-I80W-US395S-Reno. ~427 Miles.

Day 2 (Grumbler/Kurt/Kent/David/SOs/Mike/Rich): Reno-395S-431S-28W-267N-89N-49W-Downieville- 49E-Gold Lake Hwy-Durhan-Pentz Rd-99N-Midway Rd-162E-Riceton Hwy-Biggs-Gridley Rd-Gridley. ~278 Miles.

Day 3 (Grumbler/Kurt/Mike): Gridley-Colusa Hwy-Gridley Rd-River Rd-Colusa-20W-53S-29W-175W-101N- 253S-128W-1N-101N-Avenue of Giants-101N-Fortuna. ~319 Miles.

Day 4 (Grumbler/Kurt/Mike): Fortuna-101N-299E-96N-263S-Westside Rd-Easy St-Old Hwy 99-A12-97N-140E-Klamath Falls. ~307 Miles.

Day 5: (Grumbler/Kurt): Klamath Falls-140E-395N-20E-84E-Boise. ~423 Miles.

Day 5: (Mike): Klamath Falls-140E-395S-299W-139S-395S-Janesville Grade-Indian Creek Rd-A22-70S-Bucks Lake Rd-Gridley. ~413 Miles.

Grumbler, Kurt, Kent/SO, David,/SO, Mike Plant & Rich.



Day 1 (Steve/Mike): 65N-70N-149N-99N-Red Bluff. ~150 Miles.

Day 2 (Steve/Mike): 36W-3N-299W-96E-Happy Camp-Co Rd-OR-Cave Jct-199N-99S-234E- Shady Cove-227N-Canyonville-I5N-Roseburg ~450 Miles.

Day 3 (Steve/Mike): I5N-Creswell-Co Rd-58E-97N-Bend-126E-26E-202N-19S-207N-Heppner ~500 Miles.

Day 3 (Grumbler/Kurt): I84W-Ontario-20/26W-Vale-26W-Mt. Vernon-395N-Ukiah-53W-Heppner ~320 Miles.

Day 4: 207S-Co Rd Willow Cr Res-53E-Ukiah-52E-51S-Sumpter-7N- Baker City-86E-Oxbow-71S-Cambridge-95S-84E-Boise ~400 Miles.

Day 5: 84E-Mountain Home-20E-Fairfield-46S-Gooding-26W-84W-Glenn's Ferry-30W-78W-46N-84E-Boise ~350 Miles.

Day 6 (Steve): I84W-26/20W-OR-20W-395S-299W-139S-36W- 147S-89S-70E-Bucks Lake Rd-Oroville-70S-65S-Lincoln ~680 Miles.

Day 6 (Mike): I84W-Nampa-55W-95S-Winnemucca-I80W-20W- Nevada City-49S-Grass Valley-20E-Marysville-99N-Gridley ~600 Miles.

Grumbler, Steve Smead, Mike Plant & Kurt Kahm



For the first time since 1992, due to Grumbler's relocation, Mike's new daughter, and Steve's work, we had to bag the ride altogether. We'll resume the ride for 2004.



Friday, took 85-280-1-35-Great Hwy-101 to North parking lot of Golden Gate Bridge where Dr. Steve joined me. We then rode up 101 to Lucas Valley Road to Hwy 1 and joined George Grenley in Jenner. Next, up to Fort Bragg where Indy was waiting for us. We had grub N suds at North Coast Brewing Co in town. We then rode up to Leggett and did the 101 and Ave of Giants combo to Fortuna's Comfort Inn, and the hot tub. :) We dined at Eel River Brewing Co that nite.

Next morning, we grabbed 101 to Arcata, and cut east on 299 to Willow Creek then 96 north to Somes Bar where we followed Salmon River Rd to the campsite of Mike Plant and Steve Smead. We all rode east to the river, and spent next few hours just hanging out. Late that afternoon, after leaving Mike and Steve, we followed 96-299-101 down to Lost Coast Brewing Co in Eureka, and called it a nite in Fortuna.

Sunday, we followed 36 east to 99, and stopped at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co in Chico before riding home via 99-113-80-680 to the Bay Area.

Grumbler, Steve Smead, Mike Plant, Doc Steve, Indy & George



Friday, rode north to San Francisco and out to I-5 via Sonoma, Calistoga, and Williams then up to Red Bluff to camp.

Next morning, 36 and 3 to Hayfork for breakfast. Continued to 299 jct and out to Weaverville, north on 3 to Callahan for butt break. West on Cecilville Rd to Somes Bar, north to Happy Camp on 96 for suds. Indian Valley Rd to 199 where we went southwest to Jed Smith Redwoods SP and camped.

Sunday, south on 101 to Arcata for breakfast then back on 101 to Pepperwood where we followed Ave of Giants to Garberville. Back on 101 to Leggett then south to Westport for suds. Continued to Fort Bragg and switched to 128 which took us to Buckhorn Saloon in Boonville for suds and grub. We all returned home from there.

Grumbler, Doc Steve, Steve Smead, Mike Plant & Hesh



Friday, followed the delta route north to Lincoln. Next morning, we took the Bucks Lake route up to Quincy from Lincoln and returned via La Porte Rd. Returned home via deltas after breakfast.

Grumbler, Steve Smead, Mike Plant, Hesh, Peter & bud



Friday ... met at Gino's Shell at Vasco/580 in Livermore. Vasco Rd-4-Union Point Marina for lunch-4-Stockton-4-99-26-Burson Rd-49-Jackson.

Saturday morning ... Jackson-49-Mokelumne Hill-26-Ridge Rd-Railroad Flat Rd- Sheep Ranch Rd-Sheep Ranch_Avery Rd-4-Blue Coyote Cafe @ Arnold-4-Ebbetts Pass-89-Stop @ Markleeville- 89-Monitor Pass-US 395-Stop @ Topaz Lake-208-Wellington-338-Stop @ Bridgeport-395-108-Sonora Pass-Stop @ Dardanelle-108-Stop @ Jamestown-Rawhide Rd-49->Jackson.

Note: 5 riders took Carson Pass back to Jackson from Topaz Lake.

Sunday morning ... Jackson-88-Stockton-99-4-Byron Hwy-Vasco Rd-84-680-Bay Area.

Redbeard, Grumbler, Smead, Spike, Papaboop, fzzzt.pop!, Grump, Wildman, Hesh, ThugGirl, RoadRage, Doc Steve, Scotty, JW, Mark, Dana & Huggy. Con, Mamaboop, Dan, Smeg & Kathy, Dennis & Kelly joined Sat beer-bbq



Friday 9am ... met at Denny's on 237/880. Milpitas- 680-84-Livermore-Vasco Rd-4-Stockton-88-49-Mt. Aukum for beer-bbq. 49-80-193->Lincoln.

Saturday 8am ... Lincoln-backroads-49-Wolf Rd-Duggans Rd-Lime Kiln Rd- McCourtney Rd-Indian Springs Rd-20-Penn Valley for brekkie. Pleasant Valley Rd-49-Downieville-49-Bassetts-49-Sattley-89-80- Donner Pass-80-Yuba Gap-20-Washington Rd-Washington for suds & grub. Washington Rd-20-Nevada City-49-backroads->Lincoln.

Sunday am ... Lincoln-65-80-I5-Perkos near Old Sacramento for brekkie. Most did I5-Freeport-160-Vasco Rd-Livermore-84-680->home. Three riders did I5-33-Patterson-130->home.

Group donated $485 to MAWF in Dave Day's Memory

Grumbler-Steve-BobC-JW-Bill-Mike-George-Jeff-Hesh-Randy Bert-Mark- Barry-Stupor-MikeO-FEH-Chilly-CP- Paul-Papaboop & Peter.


JULY 1998 Psuedo DDMR

Foot surgery forced Steve to bag the ride, but he was one heck of a genial host! Since he couldn't ride a motorcycle we decided to call it the Psuedo DDMR instead w/o any MAWF donations. DDMR was resked then cancelled.

Friday 11:30pm @ Chevron on Mowry Ave/880. 84-Livermore to Gino's Shell on Vasco/580. Vasco-Antioch-delta route-Ernie's in Isleton for lunch-160-Freeport-I5-99-Riego Rd-The Owl Club->Lincoln.

Sat am ... Lincoln-99-Yuba City-20-Marysville Rd-Brownsville for brekkie. Forbestown Rd-162-Oroville_Quincy Hwy-Bucks Lake-Quincy-89-Blairsden- Gold Lake Rd-Bassetts-49-Downieville-49-North San Juan-49-Pleasant Valley Rd-Penn Valley-20-Grass Valley-49-backroads->Lincoln.

Sun am ... Lincoln-65-Roseville-80-Old Sacramento for brekkie- I5-Stockton-4-Tracy Blvd-Grant Line Rd-Altamont Pass Rd-Livermore-Vasco Rd-84-680->home.

Grumbler-(Steve)-BobC-JW-Bill-Mike- George-Jeff-Valerie-Dr. Steve-Hesh- Randy Bert-Mark-Steve S & Tim. Stick & SO joined beer-bbq Sat nite.



Friday 8am ... met at IHOP. 237-Milpitas-880-Fremont- 680-Cordelia-Suisan Valley Rd-Wooden Valley Rd-121- 128-Lower Chiles Rd (ermm)-Pope Valley Rd-Butts Cyn Rd- Middletown for suds-29-53-20-Williams-I5-Maxwell-45- Ord Ferry Rd-Dayton Rd-Chico's Madison Bear for suds N lunch. 99-Red Bluff-I5->Redding.

Saturday am ... Redding-299-Douglas-3-Hayfork for brekkie. 3-36-Red Bluff-36-Mineral-32-Chico's Sierra Nevada Brewing Co for suds & snacks. 99-Oroville-70-Marysville-65->Lincoln.

Sunday am ... 65-80-Sacramento-160-Freeport-160-Antioch-4-Byron- Vasco Rd-Livermore-84-680->home.

Group donated $229 to MAWF & Steve increased it to $340.

Grumbler, Steve, BobC, JW, Bill, Dr. Steve, Barry, Stupor, Cass, Mike, George, Jeff, Fred, MikeO, Hesh, John & Lloyd. Geo & Ellen joined Sat nite beer-bbq.



Friday 9am ... met at IHOP. 237-Milpitas-880-Fremont- 680-84-Livermore-Vasco-4-Antioch-160-Freeport-I5- Sacramento-99-sideroads to Lincoln.

Saturday am ... 193-Newcastle-80-Auburn-49-Cool-193-Georgetown for brekkie. 193-Placerville-50-Pollock Pines-Sly Park Rd-Jenkinson Lake-Mormon Emigrant Trail-88-Kirkwood-89-Lake Tahoe-89- Tahoe City-89-Truckee-80-20-Nevada City-49-Auburn->Lincoln.

Sunday am ... Nicohaus Rd-backroads-99-Sacramento-I5- Woodland-113-Davis-Russell Blvd-Winters-128-121- Wooden Valley Rd-Suisan Valley Rd-Cordelia-680- 84-Sunol for suds-680->home.

Group donated $170 to MAWF & Steve doubled it to $340.

Grumbler, Steve, BobC, JW, Bill, Jeff, Mike, Geo, Dr. Steve, Fred, Barry & Ken.



Friday 10am ... met at park close to Montague Expwy-Milpitas 880-Fremont-680-84-Livermore-4-Stockton-88-Comstock Rd-26- Mokelumne Hill-49-Jackson-49-Auburn-80-Roseville-65->Lincoln.

Saturday am ... backroads-49-Nevada City-49-North San Juan for brekkie. 49-Marysville Rd-Oregon Trail (never again!)- Forbestown Rd-Oroville-70-Belden Town for suds-70-Quincy- 89-Blairsden-Gold Lake Rd-49-Grass Valley-backroads->Lincoln.

Sunday am ... Nicohaus Rd-Garden Hwy-I5-Sacramento-I5- Freeport-160-Antioch-4-Byron for suds--4-Vasco Rd-Livermore- 84-680->home.

Group donated $95 to MAWF & Steve doubled it to $190.

Grumbler, Steve, BobC, JW, Bill, Mike, Randy Bert, Chilly, John & Lloyd.


JULY 10, 1995

Dave Day passes away and, at his funeral service, it was announced that we'd call our annual weekend ride the "Dave Day Memorial Ride" and would be donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in his memory. Dave's ashes were scattered into the ocean off the coast of Maui.


JUNE 1995

Storms forced ride to be cancelled. Dave Day very ill from brain tumors.


JUNE 1994 pre-DDMR

Friday 10am ... met at Denny's on 237/880. Milpitas-680-84-Livermore- Vasco Rd-4-Bryon-4-Stockton-26-Mokelumne Hill for lunch-49-Newcastle for supper. 193->Lincoln.

Saturday am ... backroads-49-Grass Valley for brekkie. 49- Nevada City-49-Downieville-49-Bassetts-Gold Lake Rd-89- Quincy for lunch. 89-70-Belden Town for suds. 70-Cherokee Rd (never again!) - Oroville-70-Marysville-65->Lincoln.

Sunday am ... 193-Sierra College Blvd-80-Sacramento-I5- Freeport-160-Antioch-4-Vasco Rd-Livermore-84-680->home.

Dave Day, Grumbler, Steve, BobC, George, Curtis, Jeff, Hesh & Pete.


JUNE 1993 pre-DDMR

Friday 12pm ... 280-San Francisco-101-San Rafael-Lucas Valley Rd-1- Tomales Bay for lunch. 1-Manchester-Mountain View Rd-Boonville-253- Ukiah-101-Clear Lake-20-Marysville-70->Steve's.

Saturday am ... 70-Oroville-99-Chico-32-Forest Ranch for brekkie. 32-Mineral-36-Red Bluff-36-Mad River for lunch. 36-Fortuna for motel. (Best Western Motel with pool & hot tub plus free brekkie).

Sunday am ... 101-Ferndale-Mattole Rd-Humboldt Redwoods SP-101-Leggett-1-Fort Bragg with lunch at Noyo Harbor-1-128 to Boonville-128-Cloverdale-101-San Francisco-680-->home.

Dave Day, Grumbler & Steve


JUNE 1992 pre-DDMR

Friday 5pm ... met at Denny's 237/880. 680-84-Livermore-Vasco-Brentwood- 4-Antioch-160-Freeport-I5-Sacramento-99-Yuba City-20-Marysville-70-Steve's.

Saturday am ... 20-Grass Valley for brekkie. 49-Nevada City-49-Downieville- 89-Quincy for lunch. 89-70-Belden for suds-70-Oroville Dam-Forbestown Rd- Brownsville Rd-20->Marysville.

Sunday am ... 70-Marysville-20-Clear Lake Oaks-53-Middletown-29-Calistoga- Petrified Forest Rd-Santa Rosa-12-Boyes Hot Springs for lunch. 12-Sonoma- 37-San Rafael-101-San Francisco-680-San Jose->home.

Dave Day, Grumbler, Steve & Pablo

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